Top 10 big data Trends in 2019

Research from Forrester estimates that 70% of companies will implement AI and big data, with a 51% share in 2018, and that this number will continue to grow. in 2019/2020.

Anton Dziatkovskii, Founder of MicroMoney, shared about Big Data in 2018: “Data is the most trendy thing for today’s businesses. Companies that do not realize the importance of big data will soon postpone their development in the future”

So what can we expect in 2020? Here are the top 10 big data trends in 2019:

Open source applications and big data

The future of big data will be dominated by open source software like Spark, Apache Hadoop, and a number of other applications. Forrester Research estimates that this trend is rising at a rate of 32.9% per year.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet (IoT) allows access to data from a variety of devices. Not surprisingly, this year promises to show a revolution in the interconnectivity of smart home technology. As almost everyone in the developing world today routinely uses multiple devices, loT helps fill the gaps of data collection and allows for easy communication between different sources.

Cloud Computing

Businesses around the globe have started using cloud computing technology for their IT operations. Many companies are mainly using the cloud platform to operate the application. Forecasts show that the percentage of companies that depend on this technology will continue to increase over the next few years. Big data Analytics is another important trend in the IT world. It not only affects the way we use the cloud platform, but it also helps us to innovate and address the growing demand.

Machine learning technology and artificial intelligence AI

It’s no exaggeration to say that these two technologies are completely “occupying the spotlight” and more and more companies are investing in it. Machine learning can be viewed as a branch of AI, with great data analysis capabilities without the need for separate programming.


The emergence of messaging applications is contributing to the growth of the chatbot. Chatbot is a software program that communicates with users through text methods. With the help of chatbot, you can perform a number of different tasks, such as chatting with users, helping them purchase or enhancing social media activities – similar to the famous toolkit Crowdfire.

Predictive Analytics

Big data helps businesses to anticipate future behavior. In short, predictive analysis provides an opportunity for users to ‘know their customers’, thereby maximizing profits and helping them choose the right marketing strategy.

Network Security (Cyber ​​Security)

The last and most important area that needs constant change is network security. Today we live in two worlds, with the second world taking place inside each person’s computer. As our lives continue to grow and become more digitized, the demand for cybersecurity and Internet use increases as well.

As network security grows and adapts to meet the needs of society, its requirements, functions and roles are also evolving for security reasons. Anti-piracy companies will help prevent illegal content, new technologies will protect our data and computer from attacks as well as other types of damage.

Business Intelligence

Decision making by companies will be based on big data. Even with a small company, neglecting the importance of data science will lead to regression of management processes and loss of profits. The use of enterprise intelligence from the cloud platform will also increase. All decisions related to market growth or expansion to new markets / regions will be based on big data.

Intelligent applications focus on Big Data

These are applications that can be combined with Big Data analysis to provide improved and personalized services. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be applied in most of these applications.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Common European Union data protection rules entered into force in May this year; There are many organizations and companies that have to pay attention to ensure compliance with this rule.

The different views on big data have partly shown that this is a trend that will not become obsolete in the near future. Hopefully, “Top 10 big data Trends in 2019” article  will help you have an overview about big data! You can refer more information on next articles.

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