Privacy of big data

When posting photos to Facebook, you will notice that this social network is able to recognize a few faces in a collective image as well as suggest names of people for you to tag. Is it related to big data and Privacy of big data?

Many Facebook users enjoy the applications and games that are integrated in this social networking environment. Applications that exploit graphics elements are more appealing to users. At first glance, these applications, games seem harmless and mostly entertaining. Then you should frequently give the questions such as this one: Dose development team of the site such as,,, really have free time all day to make those Free apps like that?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many experts warn that the era of large data and artificial intelligence (AI), the exploitation of big data and Privacy of big data for commercial purposes, even politics often happen. By participating in games, we can accidentally expose personal information (and later, sometimes with troubles).

Victim of Big Data and privacy

Over 30 years ago, when digital cameras were not popular, the Agfa film was in vogue, featuring a unique slate of “Nothing escapes Agfa.” Today, the Internet is really the only thing that holds back all the “digital traces” even if you have deleted, undo, or changed a behavior on the internet. From what you surf the web regularly to what to search on the Search engine, from what you like to share content, from the subject you send Email to chat on the service, from your purchase to what cards you usually call all have robots stored and processed. Not just Facebook but many other free services have been quietly doing it or growing up from your big data and privacy. High quality films only hold back what can be seen or can be touched but the Internet still retain our soul, personality, habits, and trends.

Many people use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter are surprised that their newsfeed always have the appropriate information. There are ads according to their own interests. The writers often encounter the ads on the camera, guitar, phone, technology equipment … without receiving advertising cosmetics or medicines.

Big data in the game of the “big man”

That comes from the “object-oriented” capabilities of the artificial intelligence engine integrated into the hearts of those social networks. Big data is personalized to “serve” for certain purposes. Behind Trump’s campaign on social networking, and behind the Brexit support campaign is the same research company Big Data: Cambridge Analytica.

The company developed an algorithm based on psychometrics called Psychometrics (sometimes called Psychography), a method of personality measurement. From the personality measurement method, the companies can use the Big Data to measure each member of the network, to understand exactly who we are, what we want, what we want concern, fear, how we behave, etc.

The results of the big data and privacy analysis will be the basis for the construction of communication campaigns that directly affect the users.

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