Learn About The Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform allows you to build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on Google’s scalable infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform will manage your development for you. Its physical connection network is thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, and thousands of servers gather. By reducing the cost of storage and management, you can concentrate on the absolute application.

Google Cloud Platform brings all the essential services, including Big Data, Storage, Compute Engine, Networking, Management, Developer Tools, Mobile. Google Cloud Platform not only gives businesses familiar services, the most rigorous standards for a cloud computing system. Google Cloud Platform provides individual businesses with all the services related to Big Data, Storage, Compute Engine, Networking, Management, Developer Tools, Mobile. The products that Google Cloud Platform offers include:

  • Computer – App Engine, Compute Engine, Container Engine
  • Storage – Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, SQL Cloud, Cloud Bigtable
  • Big Data – BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Pub / Sub
  • Services – Cloud Endpoints, Translate API, Prediction API

Computer Engine

Google Compute Engine actually targets more companies with support for up to 96 vCPUs and 624GB of RAM. Their discounting mechanism is also unreasonable compared to the cloud computing VPS with the current system. Google Compute Engine provides virtual machines running in Google’s huge data centers around the world, it’s creating high performance and optimization for specific needs:

  • Low cost and automatic discount
  • Fast and efficient connection to Google’s global fiber network
  • Global network, environmentally friendly and completely carbon-free
  • Flexible for each workload.

App Engine

Google App Engine is the foundation for building and extending web applications and mobile backends. App Engine offers integrated services and supports, which integrates with most common applications:

  • Easy and fast build application
  • Auto-align application
  • Supports security, protection of applications
  • Support with all software, development platforms.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is an Object Storage. Cloud storage is a term used to refer to the actions of storing, organizing, managing, sharing, and backing up data of the individual. Of course, to use this service we need to have an overview of the service as follows:

  • GCP Project: The unit for charging the service
  • Bucket: View as a container to store files
  • Object: File is stored
  • First, we have to initialize the bucket to store the data. Then, we will specify the bucket name, storage location, and storage class for the bucket.

Big Data

Big Data is a high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information resources that require processing information from to be creative and effective about the cost.

  • Large volume: Big data can reach up to a trillion gigabytes or even larger.
  • High-speed data processing: Data ensures processing operations with fast speed.

Variety in data: Data does not need to follow a structure and can store many different formats.


Cloud service is a cloud backup solution that allows businesses to store data on the Internet instead of locally stored on physical disks. It will allow customers to remotely access the provider’s service, use a secure login application to backup files from the host system or data center to an online storage server, this connection is encrypted.

  • IntelliSnap feature: Providing the ability to migrate virtual.
  • Backup and Archive data.
  • Supporting for multiple virtualization platforms.
  • End-user management.

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