Google cloud will open up free access to quantum computers

For years, Google cloud has poured much time and money into one of the most ambitious dreams of modern technology: building a quantum computer. Now the company is thinking of applying this project to the business field.

In recent months, Google cloud has provided labs and artificial intelligence researchers with early access right to their quantum computers over the internet. According to Bloomberg, the goal of this is to promote the development of technology tools and applications, and eventually turn it into a faster, more powerful cloud computing service.

Google cloud will open up free access to quantum computers via the Internet

Bloomberg also has a Google cloud introduction slide, detailing the company’s quantum computer hardware. Another slide about this software shows information about ProjectQ, an open source effort to attract developers for quantum computers.

Google cloud provides early and free access to hardware to stimulate benefits in line with Google’s long-term strategy to expand their cloud business. In May, the company introduced a new chip, called Cloud TPU, and it will be hired by cloud customers as a paid service. In addition, some academics are getting free access to these chips.

While traditional computers handle bits of information in the form of numbers 1 and 0, quantum computers operate based on qubits, be it 1 or 0, or a certain state between these two values. It is still unclear whether this type of computer works better than current supercomputers. And this technology still does not support commercial activities.

However, Google and more and more companies think it will transform the computing industry by handling some important tasks millions of times faster than today.

In theory, quantum computers will drastically reduce computational time, significantly reducing the cost of cloud computing. And Currently Google’s cloud service is still chasing Amazon and Microsoft.

IBM’s quantum cloud service

Earlier this year, IBM’s cloud computing division also began offering access to quantum computers. In May, they added a 17-qubit processor prototype to their still-experimental service. Google cloud said it is also producing a 49 qubit computer, but it is unclear whether outsiders can use the computer over the internet.

Experts say this problem  is more theoretical than practical. According to Seth Lloyd, a professor at MIT, useful applications will come when a system with more than 100 qubits appears.

However, Mr. Lloyd said that Google’s way of doing things has attracted wider attention.

Founder Chad Rigetti said that the technology will soon become the current AI-like fever, but he does not mention about time of its explosion. “This industry is still very new,” he said. “Nobody ever made a quantum computer work.”

The hope with efforts of Google cloud as well as IBM , quantum computers can work, and that will have many different effects, such as improving the performance of solar panels, discovering pharmaceuticals or even transmitting Fertilizer development.

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