Google cloud network is the trend of the future

Cloud computing is an optimal approach that many technology companies are pursuing, in that the Google cloud network has become so popular today.

The Google cloud network is similar to other virtualization platforms on the market. Cloud computing or virtualization development is believed to be a viable trend in the IT industry someday.

Virtualization technology or cloud services are built on the Internet so that it will avoid the limitations of technology services that rely primarily on hardware and machine facilities as before. It is important to make major changes in the digitization process of the information system at this time. Google, Amazoon, or Microsoft are big tech companies that are jumping into this lucrative business as a gold mine for them to exploit. In particular, the Google cloud network is believed to be used by many individuals and social and economic organizations.

Cloud service within the supercomputer computing infrastructure – HCI, such as Google cloud network

The “rising stars” in the IT world are increasingly perceived as superiority. The first is a superconverted system (HCI) that aggregates servers and storage systems into nodes into scalable clusters. Second, the cloud storage infrastructure is becoming increasingly popular. Hybrid and multi-cloud operating mechanisms offer more practical options than ever before.

Therefore, we see that manufacturers have integrated HCI products with cloud capabilities. With cloud-based HCI systems, local private cloud systems can operate, connect, and interact with public cloud services.

HCI solutions work well as a foundation for delivering private clouds.

The storage features integrate with HCI products provided by a VM storage controller (such as Nutanix) or directly from the hypervisor (such as VMware with vSAN or Scale Computing with Scribe).

These platforms use APIs that use virtual instances as the primary management object. No concept of LUN or volumes needs to be considered. The system manages the memory automatically. This solution is the technological trend for the business.

Apple confirmed using Google’ Cloud network document said that Apple has used Google cloud network

A document posted by Apple on its website last month, the first time Google has acknowledged using cloud services to host its iCloud repository. This shows that Google products are capable of catching up with Amazon or Microsoft, which is the rival to own the cloud is appreciated.

Some media outlets have reported that Google has won the race to become Apple’s partner in 2016, but Apple has never confirmed this.

Google cloud network plays important role in Icloud

The material that Apple releases is a periodical publication in PDF format called “iOS Security Guidelines.” Many years ago, this document said that the company’s iCloud is stored on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform or Microsoft’s Azure. But in the latest version, the name Microsoft Azure has disappeared to make room for the Google Cloud Platform.

It remains unclear whether Apple will use any other cloud  than Google cloud network to store photos and videos, and when Apple will begin using Google services. According to CNBC, both Apple and Microsoft declined to comment.

Besides Apple, Google cloud network is also a partner of many companies such as Snap, Spotify, Paypal and Froger.

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