Google cloud Backup and Sync

With Google cloud backup and Sync tool, users can access data on Google Drive, Google Photos from not only smartphones, tablets, but also Windows and Mac computers.

Google has applied Google cloud backup and Sync to their applications, and in this article, it will be shared to all who do not know about this tool how to install and use Google Backup & Sync easily.

What is Google cloud backup and Sync?

Backup & Sync is a tool to help you backup and synchronize your computer data to your Google account. Backup & Sync also has all the features of cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Google Photos …

How to install Google cloud backup and Sync  on a computer

Currently, Backup & Sync is built into Windows and Mac.

Step 1

After the download, you click on the file – the .exe which is downloaded. Note: You need to keep your Internet be stable during the installation of Backup and Sync

Step 2:

The download process is completely automatic. After Backup and Sync is installed, you click on Get Started.

Now your desktop will show up three Google tools – Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Step 3:

In this step, if you are the first to use Backup and Sync then you need to complete 3 steps that are sign in, my laptop and Google Drive.

Step 4 :

It is capable of backing up any data, so if you want to use this feature, then select Backup and Sync – it will save all the data on your computer. Also, if you just want to back up photos and videos, you can select Back up photos and videos.

Step 5:

Now, if you want to backup your data to Google Drive but you do not want to sync back, you can select Advanced settings and then you also press “start”.

Step 6:

The backup of Backup and Sync will be carried out. If you want to check, you can click the Taskbar or system tray which will be very easy to see the program icon.

How to use Backup and Sync

To adjust the settings for Backup and Sync, in the window of the interface – Backup and Sync, you can click on the three dots and select Preferences.

In this panel, you click on Use devices & SD cards – the automatic backup of data from USB or SD memory card when users connect to the computer.

If you want to use or remove this feature click on it and check or uncheck “plug-in”… then you can click OK after completing the tasks.

Next, you can edit the settings. In this feature, you have 3 options:

  • Show a warning when I remove items from a shared folder: Warning when deleting data
  • Open Backup and Sync on startup: Opening Google’s Backup and Sync when you turn on the computer.
  • Show files sync status icons and right click menu: displaying information when you click on the application icon

Finally, we have introduced A to Z on Google cloud backup and Sync. Hopefully it will give you the most useful information.

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