Getting to know about creating personal cloud

Creating personal cloud is becoming more and more demanding today in the context of much-used data, especially images and video.

The traditional cloud

Undoubtedly the benefits of the “cloud” as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, … have been familiar with users for many years. However, these clouds are now showing the limitation that the demand for human data is increasing in both quality and quantity.

The speed of connection is fast, cloud data access is good, but the data still has to be transferred to the server of the service provider, and then synchronized on other devices. The extra processing of the intermediate stages is clearly slower than the direct connection between the devices. In addition, free accounts are quite small in size. If want more, users have to pay. For example, Google 2TB package costs $ 10 per month excluding taxes, fees …

Personal cloud needs

That’s why users need a network hard drive or a “personal cloud”. Users, especially small and medium businesses, want to create a personal cloud from scratch rather than just depend on service providers. But it is worth noting that setting up a private cloud is not a simple matter as it involves the support device, the compatibility, and the tech savvy it takes to set it up.

Personal cloud benefits

The most obvious benefit is the sharing of data between computers and personal devices. Imagine you have a hard drive that all devices can access and share. Of course, you do not have the same storage restrictions as when using public cloud services. You also will not have to worry about data leakage, cloud data access, data loss, inaccessible data when the Internet connection is not stable.

Personal clouds are particularly effective in wireless entertainment: Entertainment devices like HD Media Player can access the NAS and play their favorite full HD movies. Remote data access is also the backbone of the smart home technology companies are looking for due to faster and more demanding human data.

Create your own private cloud

Still, there is a way to have a personal cloud. The simplest is to buy a commercially available NAS device, add a hard drive, or buy a network drive, a Wi-Fi hard drive, or set up and install a NAS on an old PC. Though, NAS runs all day so you need to consider the cost of electricity and that is why we should make use of old laptops, not strong in work but stable and power saving.

How to set up private cloud

Configuring a NAS is a bit complicated, but it’s not that difficult with Namucloud myPC, but you can only try it seven days before making a decision, because you have to spend $ 2.99 a month on a standard account or $ 4.99 for Premium account. If you want a free solution, use the FreeNas but the installation is much more complex.

Due to the increasing demanding today for personal cloud data access, creating your own personal cloud space is such a good choice since there is no worry about data leakage, storage restrictions or inaccessible data.

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